Launching Feb. 4: Beat the bullies and escape a cyclopean monster while climbing for your life in CLUMZEE

Next Thursday, you can help furball Jimmy (a.k.a. Clumzee) conquer the Dreaded Path — and prove his bullies wrong 🙂

You see, Jimmy’s friends like to make fun of him for being a clumsy furball — so they nicknamed him “Clumzee.” Tired of dealing with the bullies, Jimmy decides to show them what he’s made of:

“Might as well face certain death at the jaws of a hungry one-eyed monster. It’s certainly better than having to listen to THESE guys!”

The Dreaded Path: a dangerous climb guarded by a monster who eats furballs for breakfast (and all other major meals, according to its PR rep). Touch the screen to move each one of Clumzee’s limbs in the desired direction. Reach platforms, outsmart the monster’s minions, and dodge projectiles such as cannon fire and buzzsaws to avoid becoming a protein-rich meal…

Clumzee includes eight thematic worlds — all procedurally-generated. Each world grants you a unique ability:

— Factory: Use a magnet to collect coins from afar.
— Space: Take off on a jetpack!
— Canyon: Trigger an avalanche to destroy all visible minions.
— Forest: Grow one leg back!
— Candyland: Can you find the mystery gift?
— Winter: Summon a freezing storm to slow time down.
— Castle: Destroy traps with powerful gloves.
— Spooky: Become an (almost) invulnerable ghost! Don’t drop too low, though: The monster can still reach out and eat you…

But wait — there’s more! If you gather enough magic fireflies, you will be able to unlock more than 30 charming characters ranging from vikings to wizards — and even “Clumzeed” versions of popular characters like “Ozzee” 🙂

— Unlock 30+ characters
— Experience 8 different worlds, and gain special abilities on each one
— Challenge your reflexes and get through minions, obstacles and projectiles without losing a limb
— Get a full serving of hand-drawn, cartoony graphics
— Share Clumzee with the whole family — as long as no one is afraid of a cyclopean monster…

Clumzee will be available on the App Store and Google Play next week (Thursday, February 4th). The game will be free to download and play — and players wishing to customize their furball and level background can do so with in-app purchases.