Gelatinous, glob-grabbing skill game for iOS, Android from creators of Beat Bop: Pop Star Clicker (Video)

Mobile games developer Fliptus Pty Ltd is announcing the release of Glob Trotters on Google Play, with an upcoming release on iOS. The Melbourne-based studio is introducing this bouncy, one-touch skill game that tests reaction speed, concentration, and a newfound desire to grab up globs. Simple to pick up and a constant challenge, Glob Trotters is a fresh addition to the endless runner genre and stars a lone jelly traveller, boldly trotting around the planet and facing an endless onslaught of blobs.

Designed to require only one finger to play, Glob Trotters combines highly polished graphics with easy, addictive gameplay. Hold and release the screen at the right times to slip between two different shapes to match the oncoming globs, making split second decisions to chase the highest score. Opt-in social media leaderboards with live updates also allow players to connect with and race their friends to the highest score to be the champion Glob Trotter.

Bursting at the seams with rich animations, Glob Trotters introduces a charming cast of gelatinous, unlockable characters, ranging from a refined moustachioed gentleblob to a humble jar of marmalade. Collect coins on your trots and take advantage of the game’s fun and easy sharing component to show off your trotters – observe them idle around the planet, adjust the viewfinder and take a snapshot to share to your choice of social media with a single touch.

Glob Trotters – Endless Arcade Blobber is the ideal game to pass the time for train rides, slow hours at the office, and everything else in between.

· Easy gameplay – challenge your concentration and reaction time, not the controls
· No need to put down that cup of coffee; pick up, learn, and play with only one hand!
· 20 adorable, blobular characters to trek around the planet with
· Dive in to play a quick session while you wait for the train

Glob Trotters – Endless Arcade Blobber is available to download for free on Google Play, and coming soon on iOS.