Surfingers – The new game by the creators of the cult Timberman (Video)

After a spectacular success of the Timberman game (over 30 million downloads worldwide) and a very well received Risky Rescue – (the latest game released by the studio downloaded over 1,5 million times), Digital Melody Games’ new arcade game is ready. It’s all about surfing this time.

Surfingers is a mobile arcade game with controls based on up-and-down swipes (with one or two fingers at the same time). The player must change the height of the wave in a dizzying pace, bypassing many obstacles (ships, balloons, rocks, trees, bones, pyramids etc) and try to get as long as possible without touching anything.

„What distinguishes our game from the other ones, is the method of control. We do not control the character but the wave on which the character surfs. In addition to this, we have introduced the possibility of swiping with two fingers simultaneously – it is a really interesting, innovative gameplay” – Game developer Piotr Stalewski

The game offers surfing through various worlds, including: ocean, snow, desert or hell. There are 20 characters available to choose from, which can eventually be unlocked for the achievements or gained stars.

“The graphic design of the game was inspired by 1970s California, colorful posters and the Surf Rock music genre. In addition, we used a variety of colors to make the game more enjoyable on the new Apple TV ” – Graphic Designer Grzegorz Czesław Pamuła

Thanks to the latest generation of Apple TV there will be an opportunity to play the game in a local multiplayer split-screen mode. This feature will appear in the first game update on tvOS at the end of January 2016.

“That was close, we would never have released Surfingers. You need to prepare many prototypes of the game to find the perfect gameplay. I remember that we have reached the milestone in that single moment we introduced the diagonal waves and changing worlds. Thanks to these changes the game got incredible playability.” – Project Manager Paweł Jędrysiak

Available from January, 7th 2016 on the following platforms

Android – FREE
WP – coming soon / FREE
Steam – coming soon

Game features:

− Over 20 characters to unlock
− Surfing music and graphic
− Worlds full of dangers
− Innovative gameplay using swipes
− Global ranks
− Multiplayer mode (on Apple TV)