Boost With Booze In ‘Firewater: Cowboy Chase’ Now Available On iOS® & AndroidTM

Independent games developer and publisher DoubleSmith is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of their newest game – Firewater: Cowboy Chase – now available on the iOS® and Google Play™ digital app stores. Available as a FREE download and published in a partnership with Thumbspire (selected regions), Firewater: Cowboy Chase is a highly amusing and incredibly addictive endless runner set in a challenging Wild West environment packed full of fun.

Gameplay trailer:

You play the role of an unfortunate cowboy, who “accidently” emptied a stockpile of hooch belonging to a neighboring tribe, and the chase is now on as they are hot on your trail. You better run, and run FAST! Firewater: Cowboy Chase is anything but your average run-of-the-mill endless runner, and this is no joyride for the weak; it’s a breakneck, speed boosting adrenaline bonanza like no other, and to win you must run, jump, slide and boost yourself to safety.

Featuring a host of great missions to complete and plenty of upgrades to collect, supercharge your running by collecting booze and rush ahead of the angry tribe. Get ready to jump, surf some sand, and destroy dangerous obstacles you encounter such as super spiky Cacti, barbed wire, boulders, blocks and more. Discover how quickly you can run, jump and slide through the desert under the hot sun. Collect Coins along the way and spend them in the General Store to customize, upgrade, and enhance your Cowboy with dozens of different items. Grab yourself bullets as you dash along and try your luck for special bonuses as well.

Suitable to players of all experience levels, Firewater: Cowboy Chase includes more than 6.000 combinations of outfits, and fun, daily challenges to complete. Do you have what it takes to navigate the landscapes full of hurdles and hazards? And are you fast and skilled enough to climb the leaderboards, or will you succumb and become yet another casualty by the axe-wielding, spear-throwing tribe?

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