INLOGIC Software presents Zombie Chase 2!

The wind blows over the houses, there is not a soul there, a dead town? No, but it is only a question of time! Hordes of zombies plunder the surroundings and it must be admitted, with a typical dramatic effect, that you are the last and only one who can avert a total destruction. Accept this challenge offered by Inlogic Software and be a hero of the Wild West.

Endless fun with lots of weapons and other improvements is awaiting you. You will be struggling your way through individual levels and there are different tasks for you apart from the destruction of enemies. Bodyguarding, protecting wagons, destroying buildings, or surviving attacks by the hordes of zombies, you will not miss any of those. In order not to end up in a mortuary, use first-aid kits, ammunition, pouches, or the help of an armed companion or an escort with a wagon. Arm yourself to the teeth – there are several types of zombies awaiting you: weaker, stronger, slow and extraordinarily fast. As an old American Indian saying goes: “When the limbs fall, the cowboy smiles!“.


· JAVA and ANDROID supported
· 9 types of weapons
· 3 improvements of each weapon
· Different types of zombies
· Alternation of day and night
· Balanced difficulty

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