INLOGIC Software presents Zombies and Guns!

The whole country is plagued by hordes of zombies and negotiations are not an option! Come and try to survive some of this bloody Android action with the flavour of Wild West. Lots of zombies, weapons, tasks and rewards are waiting for you. Eternal glory or eternal suffering?!

Survive, defend, search and destroy what has to be destroyed! Endless gunfight with the hordes of dull zombies will last for days and nights. Help yourself with medikits, ammunition, bags of gold or some hired gunmen. Arm yourself for good, because an old Indian proverb says: „Bullet once shot should never return!“ Maybe you’ll meet the bad ass Zombie Boss in battle.

Game is for free, with possibility to use in app purchases.
Download it from Google Play:

Sweet features to enjoy:
– 9 types of weapons
– 3 upgrades for each weapon
– thrilling fights with the zombies and
– bad ass boss
– local heroes in the saloon
– many tasks and ranks
– nifty items in the shop
– deserts of the Wild West

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