Bots n’ Dots released!

Start out by simply matching up colours but then transition into a strategic survival against the evil bots. Bots n Dots is a simple pick up and play puzzle game where you match up coloured tiles to score points. But, when the bots come you have to make crucial decisions between scoring extra points now or destroying the bots in hope of achieving a higher score after you have recovered.
When you boil it down this game is about decisions. Yes you match coloured tiles to get a high score but a perfect move may not always be obvious. You may have to choose between increasing your score or removing the bots, having to decide which high value tile you have to sacrifice to do so. Mismatching a tile will lower the score you can get from it and render it useless at destroying future bots, making decisions even harder. Bots n Dots challenges you to constantly make these tough choices which will ultimately decide the outcome of your game.

“I loved Bots n Dots from the moment I picked it up” Tom Watson (Beta tester) “I now play every day on my way to and from work.”
“Bots n Dots is relaxing, fun and addictive. When I first picked it up I loved the simplicity of it but as you played more you realise there is lots of skill in it too. I would definitely recommend.” Jacob Plummer (Beta tester).

You can download Bots n Dots for free from google play.