BRIG 12, Sci-Fi RPG on iOS and Android

Traega Entertainment, an independent game studio of industry veterans bringing decades of experience from Blizzard, EA, Riot, Rockstar, Ubisoft, and Disney, announced that their first game, BRIG 12, is available as a free to play title on iOS and Android.

Welcome to BRIG 12, a high-security location that’s exclusively reserved for turning in the most dangerous bounties of the Altera System. It is the most elite destination for Bounty Hunters in the galaxy and, as the newest hot-shot Bounty Hunter, you’ve earned access into this exclusive club. Aboard your trusty ship, you will assemble a crew, take on missions throughout the galaxy, and work your way towards Resort Island.

Inspired by classic turn-based RPG games, BRIG 12 has deep character progression, extensive gear collection, and idle game mechanics. Take your crew directly into battle or set up teams for Away Missions and Idle Battles to earn gear while you step away from the game. Wrapped in a vibrant and humorous art style, BRIG 12 will introduce you to some of the seediest factions of criminals from exotic lands throughout the farthest reaches of space.