Brutal digger is ready to dig through the infinity!

The most brutal game ever!

Are you tired of pretty arcades about winged unicorns and birds on your iPhone? Do you want something more filthy, gloomy and even vulgar?

Then let us introduce Brutal Digger! It is a fun and difficult game full of drive, rock&roll, gold and skulls!

Join digger Adam in his brutal underground adventure. At first sight he looks like harmless bearded guy, but believe us, quite soon you’ll hate him!

In Brutal Digger you need to dig as deep as possible without bumping into obstacles. But remember: your flashlight have energy limit! So collect batteries on your way if you don’t want to face the real darkness.

Think it’s simple? Well, try to do it!

Brutal Digger features the following:

• Some charming characters: Granny, Pat Garret, Lukas, Ivan, Penelopa and others;
• High level of difficulty that won’t leave you indifferent;
• Full randomly generated obstacles – you don’t know what you’ll see in the next second;
• With special glasses you’ll find weak points in the obstacles;
• Collect batteries to charge you flashlight;
• Compare your achievements in Brutal Digger with friends to find out who is more brutal;
• New artifact – Reaper Skull!
• New sounds — maximum drive and brutality!


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