Disposable Heroes launches

Disposable Heroes, the new hack & slash medieval cartoon caper from Evilized Games is out this Thursday, 1 October 2015 in Early Access on Steam.
Featuring over 80 levels of increasing absurdity, ever more bloodthirsty adversaries and diabolic machinery, Disposable Heroes is a one or two player, stick-man style madcap comedy for PC in which you must defeat all manner of hideous beings to save an accursed land starved of light.

The Disposable Heroes are a rag-tag band of nobodies who – quite by accident – represent the kingdom’s last hope. With the royal army slain it is they who must venture across the land on a quest to bring back the head of the king’s son so that the light might return.

Choose from one of four Heroes and use a glittering array of weapons, lotions and potions to tackle quests from trebuchet assaults to mine cart runs, and from falling masonry to falling Heroes.

Do battle with deadly witches, warlocks, worms, ogres, zombies and leeches, and all manner of devilish obstacles placed in your way.

Work as a team in two-player mode to boost your firepower and enhance your chances of staying alive and returning as triumphant heroes – if you don’t get in each other’s way…

The game is released in Early Access so additional content and further enhancement is still to come – recent updates and additions will keep players busy with a scintillating level of in-game detail; including time travel, a fickle band of mercenaries and some surprises from a fast magical horse.

Download Disposable Heroes from Steam in Early Access at http://store.steampowered.com/app/366180 from Thursday 1 October and let the story begin…

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