Get Down to Business with Funny Business, Now Available on iOS and Android!

The 3rd release by Mobile Mesh Games, Funny Business is a social party game where you get assigned a hilarious random job title, and then have to explain it. From Hobbyist Yarn Persuader to Rookie Light Bulb Interviewer, there’s over 60,000 possible job titles in the base game! The game releases today, and is available for free on iOS and Android.

Players answer questions that others ask about their career, just in case people want to break into the yarn persuading industry. After everyone’s turn, there is a voting round where each player picks who fit the category best (funniest, most hands-on, most emotionally rewarding…) and once everyone takes care of business, the player with the most votes wins!

This is the 2nd release in Mobile Mesh Games’ Live Multiplayer Social Games genre. These are games that aim to bring back the fun, engaging atmosphere of family game night. Nobody is minding their own business in this game! Funny Business must be played with a group of players who are all together in the same space, making the game a much more social, intimate atmosphere.

Funny Business supports anywhere from two to an unlimited number of players! Funny Business is a hotseat-style multiplayer game, so only one device is necessary for a group to play. There is one optional In-app Purchase, which increases the job titles to over 500,000 possibilities.

Come mesh with us! Players are encouraged to share the most hilarious job titles they can get on Twitter using the hashtag #FunnyBusiness. You can keep up with new game releases and news by following them at @mobilemeshgames. Now go about your business and download Funny Business now!

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