Kill The Frank – funny, free mobile game for everybody having loans in Swiss Franc, now available for download!

Remember your dreams about a peaceful and joyful life in your beautiful, new house that you’ve bought thanks to the mortgage in Swiss Franc? We do! But times have changed and your life become as hard as never. The Frank who promised you to save your life and secure your family has changed his mind and become the greedy shark. Dish out ravage on the greed Frank who stole your joyful and peaceful life and make his exchange become zero. Enjoy every moment when you tackle the screen and watch him drowning in the sea of exchange rate and bring your dreams back to life.

Kill The Frank is a simple, free game released by Wastelands Interactive studio developers (who themselves have loans in Swiss Franc) to comment the current situation on the currency exchange market. It’s role is to help get rid of stress caused by Franc’s exchange rate rapid growth and in the same time to simply bring some fun.

The game available on Android is divided into rounds. Your goal is maximum lowering Franc’s exchange rate by tapping the screen at the right time. Watch out for the greedy banker though! If you tap at him Franc’s exchange rate will go up and this is something you definitely want to avoid. 😉

Don’t be indifferent! Punish The Frank!

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