Cartoon Puzzle Game AZZL from Jutiful Combines Logic, Laffs

AZZL, a delightful new twist on logic puzzles from Jutiful, is about to make a splash (or at least a squishy sound) when it lands in the App Store September 24. AZZL is a unique world of colorful cartoons that come alive with a touch of your finger.

The freaky geniuses from Jutiful are familiar to many as the creators of REBUS – Absurd Logic Game, which earned Best App honors from Apple and Mobile App of the Day from FWA. “It’s fresh and original, looks great and toys with your emotions,” said PhoneDog.

Beta testers have heaped similar praise on AZZL: “I was amazed by the diversity of puzzles”, “I never thought that so many various puzzle mechanics could be crafted”, and “each cartoon is so fun that I wanted to look them over and over as a cartoon series.”

AZZL was designed to be intuitive to play. Users move their fingertips and are instantly transported to the world that looks like a cartoon dimension. To solve each puzzle, they must tap, move, swipe, and rotate animated pieces that include squares, zigzags, waves, hexagons, triangles, circles and more. Once the last piece is in place, a joyful cartoon is revealed that will tickle the brain.

“In many ways, AZZL is an expression of our company’s soul. We hope that people around the world fall in love with the game, and that it brightens their day whenever they need a dose of polite insanity,” a Jutiful spokesperson said.

There are almost 100 cartoon patterns, and a special secret reward awaits players who complete all levels. AZZL is suitable for all ages and promises to turn mundane moments into hours of puzzle-solving joy.

“We crafted AZZL to deliver the maximum number of Smiles Per Minute allowed by law,” the spokesperson added. “We also certify that AZZL is completely gluten-free and that no animals were harmed during the insanely long, but incredibly fun, joyful, and inspiring two-year gestation.”

AZZL will be available exclusively in the App Store and optimized for iPhone and iPad.

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