Firecast Studio releases Jelly Dreams – a cartoon style puzzle, inside a fantastic dream, with amazing scenarios and challenging puzzles!

The game Jelly Dreams comes to virtual stores in April 26 and features a trip to a fantastic dreams of the character Nino, a boy that loves his jelly for desert. Inspired by Sokoban genre, this puzzle made in cartoon style, contains different scenarios and numerous kinds of puzzles that fascinates the player. The game is now available to pre order on Desura, and to vote online in Steam Greenlight.

In the plot, Nino always wants jelly for his dessert, much more than his mother feels to be healthy. Well, Nino couldn’t get all jelly he wants, but as he sleeps, the boy is transported to a world of dreams, where is free to enjoy his favorite treat. But for that, you need to solve fun puzzles by adding jelly cubes of the same color.

Created by startup Firecast Studio, Jelly Dreams was developed in Unity 3D platform and has 80 levels of puzzles, 3 themed packages to play (Forest Magic, Treasure Island and the Old West), 7 costumes for download (pajamas, pirate, cowboy, astronaut, soldier, superhero and dinosaur) and over 40 achievements. The game is not the only version of Sokoban, but differs by the attractive look and the thematic richness.


– Gorgeous and colorful graphics in toony style;
– 80 challenging puzzles to test your brain;
– 3 different scenarios to play;
– 7 awesome costumes available to use;
– 40 achievements to unlock;
– original soundtrack.

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