King of Wushu launches alongside PlayStations first consoles in China

Just as Sony announced the first sales of their Play Station game console in China, Chinese game developer Snail Games, known for martial arts MMORPG Age of Wushu, released the first edition of its new martial arts-themed MOBA for Play Station, King of Wushu.

The first edition of the game will be free to download from the PSN store in China. The initial version will features:

Glorious Peak – First 5 on 5 battle map, featuring lanes, jungles, and listing clouds circling the map.

9 Playable Heroes – Divided into “Dark” and “Light” factions, the first edition will feature 5 playable classes

Sun Tzu – Tactician
Beggar Zao – Dragon Warrior
Master Chung – Daoist Knight
Lotus — Blade Disciple
Jasmine – Radiant Poet
Master Gongsun – The White Swordsman
Brother Wu – Stone Monk
Brother Lang – Shaolin Monk

Urul Khan – Berserker
Tang Yan — Assassin
Fang – Snake Charmer
Bloodmoon Li — Shaman
Xuling-Na – Witch
Captain Wong — Royal Guard
Gor Shan — Blademaster

In addition, the announcement also revealed plans for future maps and playable characters, which will be available for free to those who download the game now.

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About King of Wushu
King of Wushu is the upcoming martial-arts themed MOBA from Snail Games. Developed by the same studio as flagship Age of Wushu, the game builds on experience of traditional fighting games by combining TPS perspective with fast-paced combat including aerial maneuvers, blocking, and dodging.

King of Wushu is planned to be a cross-platform MOBA, combining PC, Xbox One, mini-consoles and mobile into a single game server and creating a unique “Wuxia” martial arts experience spanning language and geographic barriers.

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