Cast a Spell on Yourself with G5’s Magician’s Handbook II – Up to 80% Off on ALL Platforms

A wicked pirate and familiar spell books await the most avid players in G5’s fantastic hidden object adventure sequel, Magician’s Handbook II: BlackLore. Starting today through August 23rd, you can get this exciting game for up to 70% off! Download it to your iPad, iPhone, Android (Google Play) or Kindle Fire device and immerse yourself in the world of magic.

Two years have passed since your trip to the Cursed Valley. The pages of the Magician’s Handbook remain blank, and life has resumed its natural course, until the day a tiny fairy appears in your house, pleading for help. It seems the evil magician pirate Blacklore has captured all the magicians and fairies and will use their magic for destruction if you don’t help. You have until the next moonrise to free the captured fairies hidden throughout the land. Otherwise, Blacklore will come to take you as well, and the fairies will be trapped forever. Search gorgeous, hand-drawn locations, learn powerful spells and solve witty puzzles as you work to free your friends and stop the nefarious Blacklore!

Because you don’t have magic powers, you must collect enchanted objects to cast spells. Most scenes hide blue, silver and gold keys for use at Safe Haven, where freed fairies go. Unearth bonuses including hints, magic wands and the Repel spell. Found in the original Magician’s Handbook, this spell turns off any scene animation so you don’t get distracted from your work. Each chapter has interactive scenes and puzzles that are similar to what you’d find in other hidden object games, but here the spells play a role. For instance, an icy scene needs the Fire spell so you can melt the ice to get what you need. And, if desired, you can skip the puzzles after a time.

The Magician’s Handbook II is twice as challenging, picturesque and ingenious as the first installment in the series. Reveal the pages of the fabled Magician’s Handbook as you progress through the game, use the powers of fire, wind, healing and petrifying, detect secret items and save the magical world from the unthinkable. From the Safe Haven inhabited by cute fairies to the fascinating schoolroom with a secret entrance to the great Gallery to the Throne Room full of treasures, find yourself in a spectacular enchanted realm unlike nothing you’ve ever seen!

The game is developed and published by G5 Entertainment AB (NASDAQ OMX: G5EN) under license from BC Soft Games.
Key Features:
•21 Challenging mini-games
•16 spooky locations
•11 captivating chapters
•5 powerful spells
•2 Gameplay modes: casual and apprentice

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