The Challenge, Makers putting a lot of faith in this game (Video)

The early 22nd century began the era of “time travel”. At this time, the UN Security Council also created the “Time Bureau”, a special surveillance service where employees are required to eliminate anachronisms caused by people visiting past events.

Their job is to follow these tourists and preventing any interference with history as it is known. They must also prevent people from smuggling artifacts from the past into the future, which could upset the economy.

One of the employees of the “Bureau” is a man named Maxin Gromov, and it seems today is going to be especially hard for him…

Some of the main features of “The Challenge” include:
– An original story from a professional writer of science fiction
– Interesting quests in different time eras
– Mazes full of dangers
– Excellent graphics (powered by the latest version of the Unreal Engine 4)

STEAM price 10.99$ with -10% discount for the first week

STEAM store page (The Challenge will be released on  October 7’th in Early Access)