Channel 4 commissions Hollyoaks The Game

Hollyoaks The Game #HollyoaksGame launches for phone and tablet – the first app based game for a UK soap

Hollyoaks has launched its first ever game for phones and tablets – in which users can explore the virtual village of Hollyoaks while unlocking levels, locations and characters as they help solve a mystery.

The free to download game – produced by Lime Pictures and C4 – will allow players to become the newest residents of Hollyoaks and receive texts and voicemails from their favourite characters.

Featuring 100 different levels and easy-to-pick-up gameplay it stars Ziggy Roscoe, Marlena “Nana” McQueen, Theresa McQueen, Phoebe McQueen, Darren Osborne, Ste Hay, Maxine Minniver, Sienna Blake, Leela Lomax, Tom Cunningham, Trevor Royle and Jack Osborne.

With the help of the Hollyoaks characters the aim of the game is to complete all the levels and solve the mystery of Nana’s Missing Pearls. It’s a race against time for players to find the culprit because in Hollyoaks the plots thicken fast and anyone could be a suspect – including the village’s newest resident…

Along the way users score points with familiar Match 3 gameplay and compete with friends and share high scores on Facebook.

Fans will enjoy the first ever look at the imagined world of Hollyoaks village on an interactive map and exploring the interiors of The Dog in the Pond, The Hutch, The McQueens’ house, Price Slice, The Folly, The Roscoes’ garage, Esther’s Magic Bean, The Savages’ Boat, Dee Valley Police Station, Savages’ Emporium and The Dee Valley University Hospital.

The game, built by Brighton games development studio Big Bit, is suitable for short play sessions with ‘previously on’ recaps just like the show, while players can unlock ‘selfies’ allowing users to make and share photos with themselves and their favourite on-screen characters. It is accompanied by music from artists such International Departures, Feral Brood, Alexander, Stalking Horse, Ian Britt, Miracles and 10 Reasons.

Hollyoaks is the most Tweeted about soap and this year won Best Soap at The British Soap Awards as one of four coveted soap awards. Hollyoaks has 1.9 million Facebook fans and our posts regularly reach 4 million people each week. We have 11.5 million YouTube video views, 350k followers on Twitter, over 250k followers on Snapchat and can also be found on Instagram, Tumblr and

A Hollyoaks spokesperson said: “We are really excited to announce the game which will fill the spaces when Hollyoaks is off-screen. We hope that fans will enjoy seeing the imagined world of Hollyoaks and interacting with characters on the set while sharing scores with friends.”

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