Clone Drone in the Danger Zone, A robot arena battle game (Video)

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is turning up the heat with its Steam early access release! Finally coming to Steam on March 16th, the game will be available for $15.

The release comes with a blazing hot fire update! The new Fire Sword, Fire Arrows, Fire Hammer weapons, Flame Breath ability, Lava, and Flame traps serve as satisfying delivery vehicles for this dangerous gameplay element. Fire weapons enflame the voxels that comprise the player and enemies’ bodies, shredding through them until all that’s left are little smoldering bits and pieces.

Loved by many on YouTube, Twitch, and really anyone who’s down for some robot arena sword fighting (read: everyone), the bestseller will give all previous itch buyers a Steam code. Now contestants can slice, shoot, and incinerate robot enemies to save their human consciousness on both Steam and!

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone’s new challenges update features:

•The Inferno Challenge: 10 new levels to experience with you and your enemy…on fire! Cackle with delight as you kick an enemy into the bubbling hot lava.
•Endless Weapon Challenge: Inspired by fan-favorite YouTubers, there is now official support for weapon challenges!
•Powerful abilities to unlock: With each challenge conquered, you’ll unlock new deadly abilities and weapons in the Upgrade Tree. Earn yourself a new Steam achievement along the way!

Expect updates to come to the game’s story mode, enemies, abilities, game modes, and overall Twitch weirdness as the game develops in early access.

“Part of our strategy is releasing something new and spectacular with each update. This time we asked ourselves: What if everything… WAS ON FIRE!???”

•Erik Rydeman, Founder