Combat Strategy Game Hero Sky Now Available at Windows 10 Store

InnoSpark’s mobile hit continues to excel its multi-screen vision through expansion into a new platform

Up and coming mobile developer InnoSpark today announced that Hero Sky : Epic Guild Wars, its flagship combat strategy game is now available in the Windows 10 store for download.

Hero Sky’s blend of epic battles, fast and furious gameplay, huge range of customizable heroes and resource management set in a surreal fantasy world has proved a big hit with mobile gamers worldwide. The game has been featured over 250 times in Google Play Store and over 150 times in Apple’s App store in over 100 countries.

Hero Sky’s presence in the Windows 10 Store will establish it as a powerful multi-platform game and make the game accessible to a wide range of users on diverse platforms and devices. Existing players will enjoy the greater platform flexibility a Windows 10 version offers and it is hoped that many new players will discover the compelling world of Hero Sky via the new platform.

Jae Chan Shin, CEO at InnoSpark, explains “One of InnoSpark’s visions is to provide quality multi-screen games to worldwide users, allowing them to play our games whenever they want and wherever they are. We are confident our existing users will welcome the launch of Hero Sky on Windows 10 and we see it as an excellent opportunity to introduce our game to users on a wide range of platforms and devices. We always envisioned Hero Sky as a truly multi-screen game. With the Windows 10 version complementing the game’s mobile iterations, we feel that we have achieved our goal.”

In addition to a new platform launch, InnoSpark has added a set of new features which will enhance the quality and pacing of the gameplay. Users can now grow and level up faster by purchasing rare Heroes and higher-efficiency Crystals from the ‘Special Store’.