Combo Clash – Hit ARPG arena brawler for iOS/Android available globally (Video)

Following a successful soft launch, R2Games announces that Combo Clash, their engrossing mobile action RPG game, is now available worldwide on both Android and iOS.

Combo Clash is an enticing new handheld game featuring an impressive cartoony visual style, an expansive roster of unique playable heroes, and explosive real-time gameplay.

At first, players assume the role of either Zeke or Elise, a pair of young fighters on a quest to become mighty warriors. The story is quirky and engaging, taking the player on a journey through several fully rendered, brightly colored 3D worlds with cinematic cutscenes that really show off the capabilities of modern mobile devices. As players progress, new characters will join the team. This plays directly into the core of the game: Combat.

Players will head into battle with three characters simultaneously, with the ability to activate team abilities at will. Companions can be hot-swapped in the heat of battle for more variety. Group synergy along with careful timing is key to unleashing the most devastating combos and victory. Each character is fully playable, and has a unique skillset. The intuitive controls allow for smooth and precise movement, and special skills can be activated at the tap of a button.

Combo Clash is a satisfying arena brawler, as well suited for short burst gaming as it is for longer, more engaging sessions, and it’s available now.