Confront evil across space and time in DARK ERA, a 3D MMO ARPG launching today (Video)

Fight alongside historical characters and explore six eras from Eastern and Western history in DARK ERA, a new isometric 3D MMO ARPG published by NGames.

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Dark Era’s unique classes and beautiful backgrounds were inspired by cultural and geographical features from a variety of countries and eras. Players get to summon famous characters such as Julius Caesar, King Arthur, and Robin Hood — just to name a few.

Players may choose from the Berserker, Assassin, or Wizard class:

— BERSERKERS excel in melee attacks and possess excellent strength and defense.
— ASSASSINS rely on speed and strategy to defeat their opponents while wielding deadly dual blades.
— WIZARDS are in tune with nature and borrow the power of the five elements to clear the path of those who stand in their way.

Grind your way to the next level or get some rest by making use of the Auto Play function — which allows you to step away from the desk, level up, and acquire resources . . . even while you’re offline! Boost your earnings and treasure by using the Soulcrux system, which can be unlocked after completing the main quest. Activate the five main elements (fire, water, wood, earth, gold), which allows your Soulcrux to be upgraded — boosting your warrior’s combat power and attribute bonuses. Skills include Protection, Soul Chop, Exorcism, Driving Ghost, Summon God, and God’s Tears.

The game’s stunning graphics are possible thanks to the Fancy3D engine — which allows for awe-inspiring visual effects, exciting real-time combat sequences, dynamic instancing, special mounts, and sophisticated “partner systems.”

Tracy Wang (Marketing Director, NGames):

“Dark Era makes history fun with real-life personalities and civilizations. The game also shows off NGames’ production values: incredibly detailed backgrounds, impressive visual effects, fluid animations, and lifelike characters. Dark Era is a feast for the senses.”

— Upgraded 3D engine
— Innovative time-space gameplay
— Offline leveling up and resource gathering
— Cross-server battles
— New Soulcrux System

Dark Era is free-to-play with in-app purchases on Windows PCs.