Space Grunts: Unique blend of turnbased meets arcade action in space (Video)

What would a more intense version of DoomRL look like? or a turn-based Nuclear throne?

Space Grunts mixes an action game with a turn-based roguelike: Quick instant turns and inventory handling meets screen-shakes, big explosions, and intense action.

Now available on Steam (Windows, Linux and OSX)

Steam website:


– Space Grunts is developed by one guy in about 11 months
– Space Grunts is the developer’s first EVER turn-based game (never found one to fit my gamestyle)
– Space Grunts blends most of the original rogue-like properties with arcade action screen-shakes, big explosions and fast gameplay
– Space Grunts was in Early Access for (just) 4 months getting many improvements from the community
– Space Grunts is really something you have to play, so go play!