DEEP ECLIPSE – NEW SPACE ODYSSEY: The return of the arcade space shooter game out now at Steam!

Immanitas Entertainment, a globally operating publisher for computer and mobile games, is proud to announce todays’ Steam release of Deep Eclipse: New Space Odyssey. Developed by UltraVision Interactive this Indie game is the ultimate space thriller in the very best tradition of this classical genre.

The challenge for the player is clear: You’re the pilot of a space fighter, accidentally catapulted into a parallel universe populated by hostile alien creatures; and they’re not happy to see you! To get out of this hell hordes of enemies need to be destroyed using over 50 upgradeable weapons in many action-packed outer space missions.

Deep Eclipse: New Space Odyssey has been voted by the Steam community via Steam Greenlight for a Steam release and that for thoughtfully optimized and modified based on valuable gamers feedback. Several improvements and optimizations like adjusted difficulty levels, rebalanced and more weapons, improved boss fights, new camera options and graphic effects are promising an even greater gameplay experience.

The retro-style game features all the best of the traditional arcade shooter, but is definitely requesting the player’s ability of strategic planning by upgrading his spaceship with useful extra-weapons and technologies. Charming graphics and moody sound effects will not only delight fans of old school shooters or retro gamers. Featuring today’s technology Deep Eclipse: New Space Odyssey is an entertaining amusement.

Deep Eclipse: New Space Odyssey is now available on Steam for only 5,99 USD minus a 10% launch discount:

•Advanced 3D graphic and effects
•Stunning and furious gameplay
•Mad and unique parallel universe locations
•A huge number of monsters and deadly bosses
•RPG character development
•2 trees of development: technological and organic
•Unique abilities for each of the development trees
•52 upgradable weapons
•30 perks
•Motivating achievement system

Title: Deep Eclipse: New Space Odyssey
Platform: PC
Genre: Arcade / Action
Developer: UltraVision Interactive
Release date: Out now
Pricing: 5,99 USD / 5,99 EUR
Publisher: Immanitas Entertainment GmbH


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