Gunslugs 2 : Procedurally generated arcade action launches on Steam and mobile today

One man dev Orangepixel just released it’s latest game Gunslugs 2 on Steam, Humble store, mobile and even ChromeOS and Ouya. If you have no time, skip to the “quick links” section for the trailer, and download links.

Steam and Humble Store links:

Release trailer:

Game landing page: (all the above on one page)

The Game:
Gunslugs 2 is a procedurally generated action arcade game with it’s roots in 80’s action movies, 90s platform games, and current gen “over the top explosive action stories”. All in Orangepixel’s acclaimed pixel art. It’s a weird mix, but it works!

The game generates new levels and worlds everytime you play, so no two games will be the same. One of the ways it expends on the original game, is by adding inside-area’s making the game harder, longer and more interesting. It also adds a story arc and automatic save points, to streamline the chaotic action.

Unlockable characters add to the diversity as every character brings with him (or her) a different weapon to the players arsenal.

Why would you check this out?
This is the result of an Indie developer who is creating and improving his own type of games for a living for over 10 years.. I made crap stuff, and I made awesome stuff, and all the stuff in between.. this one nears the awesome stuff pretty closely.

I honestly think I succeeded with Gunslugs 2, it took about 9 months, it’s my baby, so I love it.. please spend some time with it and don’t be afraid to tell other people about it.

The fun facts:

Gunslugs 2
… is the new brain child of Orangepixel, a one-man indie developer, with help from freelance musician Gavin Harrison
… releases on Steam, Humble Store, iOS, Android, ChromeOS and Ouya all on the same day.. again all handled by one guy.. who is rethinking that right now
… A script written by the guy who knows the cousin of the guy who wrote the script for Expendables 3.. maybe..who could ever know!
…comes with 2 player co-op mode for Ouya, ChromeOS and PC (requires 2 compatible controllers)
…took close to 9 months, so in more ways then one it’s very close to my “baby”.. please be kind to it
…comes with a fact sheet with one false fact..

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