Legacy Games, a leading mobile game developer, has partnered with Crayola® to launch, Crayola Bubbles, a fun-filled experience for iPad. Legacy’s previous Crayola apps include Crayola DJ and Crayola Color, Draw & Sing.

Crayola Bubbles lets children have a blast playing a variety of different games with colored bubbles. Players can also combine bubbles and unlock new colors, as well as paint and draw. Music is composed and sung by Linda Arnold, a well-known children’s music entertainer.

Crayola Bubbles is set in a large playground park where you can blow bubbles using wands of different types and colors! Enjoy the special, burst effects of the confetti wand or the fluttering trail created by the heart wand. Combine bubbles of different colors such as blue and red and white to create brand new colors like light purple. An on-screen helper is always available with suggestions and encouragement. Finish by snapping a selfie amidst the bubbles you have created to add to your personal gallery.

Additional games—Castle Defender, Bubble Runner, Lights Color Memory, and Karate Frenzy— are available elsewhere in the playground. Some focus on the fun of learning colors, remembering patterns, or having fast reactions. These games also utilize various features of the iPad for a more immersive experience. Use the iPad’s gyroscope to control bubbles down a slide or to aim bubble cannons.

A dynamic difficulty system automatically adjusts to each player’s skill level. Get a high score and memorialize your standing with a winner’s picture. Multiple plays on all of the games will unlock achievements, additional wands, colors and prizes.

Crayola Bubbles includes creative modes of play to allow kids to explore their artistic side by drawing and painting with bubbles. In Paint-by-Bubble, you drop colored bubbles onto a canvas to fill in the shapes and bring the picture to life. Splatter & Draw and Free Paint are extra modes that let players have free form creativity and save their creations to a gallery.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Legacy Games and launch Crayola Bubbles, a new app for kids that celebrates color, fun and creativity.” Said Warren Schorr, Vice President of Business Development and Global Licensing for Crayola. “Crayola Bubbles provides an innovative digital experience where kids can curate their own art gallery complete with colored bubbles and other special effects.”

“At Legacy Games, we are committed to developing games that engage children in the creative process and are fun to play,” said Ariella Lehrer, CEO, who has a PhD in Cognitive Psychology. “The gorgeous bubbles themselves play a starring role, using our refined liquid physics to appear and act realistically.”

The new Crayola Bubbles app is available now in the iOS App Store for iPad. Also available in Google Play Store for Android tablets, Windows PC and Intel RealSense platforms.

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