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Crazy Dreamz : MagiCats Edition, Sandbox platformer on Steam Early Access

A brand new sandbox platformer aims to make coding games accessible to all.Crazy Dreamz : MagiCats Edition, which released via Steam Early Access, features both a full adventure to get stuck into, and an intuitive visual programming interface to inspire players of all ages and abilities to try their hand at game development.

As showcased in a brand new set of screenshots and the latest trailer, players can not only design their own levels, but also craft entirely new behaviors – allowing them to create new gameplay experiences while evolving their understanding of programming logic.

And completed creations can be shared with the world – meaning even those who don’t own a copy of the game can enjoy the results!

Thibault Louis-Lucas, founder of French development house Dreamz Studio and creator of Crazy Dreamz : MagiCats Edition, said: “Programming can be a daunting skill to learn, but we don’t believe it needs to be. It can actually be a lot of fun to figure out the logic of how things work, and see your creations come to life. We wanted to make Crazy Dreamz as an inclusive, inspiring, accessible way to get into an awesome creative field.”

About  Crazy Dreamz : MagiCats Edition

Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition is a 2D sandbox platformer with a twist. Create your own levels – tricky, hilarious or puzzling – with a powerful but easy-to-use in-game coding interface, crafting your own game experiences on the fly!

Use simple visual scripts to create custom behaviors – from cowardly treasure thieves who run away on sight, to epic bosses that summon kamikaze skeletons. Watch your code come to life in real-time, then share your creations with the rest of the world!

Part sandbox platformer, part easy-to-master 2D game-making tool, Crazy Dreamz invites you on an inspiring journey of creativity and imagination. Create, play, share – and become the most respected MagiCat of all!


  • Use simple visual programming to create your own game experiences
  • Craft your own exciting levels via a range of building blocks
  • Create custom behaviours for enemies and environments
  • Develop your coding skills and build entirely new sandbox platformers
  • Share your creations for the world to enjoy

Crazy Dreamz : MagiCats Edition is out now via Steam Early Access and will evolve over time based on community feedback.