Crazy Pixel Streaker has been officialy released for the PC (Video)

Lubiterum and The Sidekicks are happy to announce that Crazy Pixel Streaker has been officialy released last night for PC after a few weeks of Early Access.

If you did not play it yet, now would be a perfect time to enjoy this insane brawler.

In case you still have some doubts, here’s 5 very good reasons to play Lubiterum’s insane brawler:

1. It’s stupid and we know you like stupid.
2. It brings you back to the roots of video game fun: kick, shoot, run, laugh!
3. You finally get to play naked with your friends and it’s not even awkward!
4. You will shoot security guards with watermelon bazookas, that is priceless!
5. You get to ride a magic pig!

In case you need stronger and more usual arguments , note that Crazy Pixel Streaker is:
•A really challenging beat’em all
•Full of amazing weapons, essential for surviving the enemies waves (use them wisely!)
•Offering many side games from Arena mode to mini-games
•Really fun to play with up to 4 friends
Here’s our new trailer:

Crazy Pixel Streaker has been released for PC for the very fair price of 9.99€/9.99$. It is available at most digital retailers on Earth with a special 10% launch discount such as Steam, Humble Store, GreenManGaming, Amazon…

It comes with English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese versions.

Crazy Pixel Streaker is planned for Playstation 4 and Xbox1 for Q3 2016.

“If you usually play funny games with friends, CPS is a must!”

“This is the kind of game that Steam needs more of.”
[VENAOS] ┼ Mynnie ┼

“Oh man this is INSANE!”

About Crazy Pixel Streaker
A roguelite beat’em up, with procedurally generated chaos and permadeath goodness! The story of Crazy Pixel Streaker starts with you right in the middle of the World Cup Final. Security forces’ inefficiency will end up making the army show up among the crowd, unleashing their fire power on you. For this, you’ll travel all round the world, «jumping» into all kinds of sports stadiums and facing all sorts of enemies and hilarious bosses.