Abrakam SA – creators of new action strategy card game Faeria – are pleased to announce that they will be getting a Free-Play weekend on Steam to take place June 16th to 19th.

This means that players will be able to download & access the game for free during this period and join the growing 27,000 strong community. Booster packs and the core set will still need to be gained either via in-game gold, or through purchase with real money. After June 19th players will need to buy one of the Early Access bundles in order to resume playing the game; however their accounts, booster purchases etc… will remain intact regardless, with the game going permanently free to play by September.

Discounts are also being applied to all Early Access packages starting from the 16th and running through to the 21st. If you want to keep playing the game after the Free Weekend is over, you can purchase the basic access for 30% off. For the Early Access Bundle which comes with boosters and other goodies, you can purchase that at 50% off.

“Our development is going fantastically right now with the recent release of Pandora, and we are also pushing forward with our eSports plans to support our growing competitive community” said Emilien Eloy, Abrakam’s Marketing Director. “We’re excited to be able to give everyone this Free Weekend to try the game out, and look forward to welcoming a new wave of players to the world of Faeria!”

Faeria has recently recieved significant updates to the game as it continues along its road to release. Pandora – a unique draft-like experience – was recently unlocked for the community, and Abrakam have also kicked off their regular monthly tournaments, supported by the $100,000 eSports cash prize fund they set aside to reward Faeria’s growing pro scene. Abrakam have also partnered with Alienware & ROCCAT to bring Faeria to this year’s Dreamhack Summer LAN event in Jonkoping, Sweden, June 18th – 21st.

The game’s 1.0 release is scheduled for later this year.

About Faeria
Faeria is a future free to play title currently in early access for eager fans, with more than 28,000 access codes purchased and activated since releasing into Steam’s Early Access Program, and looks to put a twist on the strategy card genre by combining with a living board to play on. Abrakam are keen to push Faeria as an esports title, with regular tournaments both in-house and through partners, such as the inaugural Faeria Clash hosted in Paris by Gamers Origin. In April, Abrakam announced that $100,000 would be invested into esports cash prizes by the end of 2016.