Nomad Games is to attempt a World Record for the number of Backgammon games played on the PC gaming platform Steam over 48 during Easter Weekend, with results of the attempt to be submitted to Guinness World Records for official verification.

The game, Backgammon Blitz, will appear in everyone’s Steam library at no cost as part of Steam’s Free Weekend promotion from Thursday March 24th until Sunday March 27th.

Players simply install the game and play between Friday 2pm (PST) – Sunday 2pm (PST) to count as part of the record attempt. Backgammon fans will also be able to buy for keeps at a discount of 50% until Sunday April 3rd. The game is normally priced at £6.99.

A valuable numbered and signed print of ‘The Peacock’ backgammon board painting, by world-renowned designer Alexander Llewellyn, will be awarded as part of a prize draw. To enter simply tweet about the free weekender using #BackgammonFW, and 3 tweets will be selected at random. Winners will be announced on May 1st.

“We’re excited to be encouraging more folk to try backgammon,” said Nomad Games’ Managing Director Don Whiteford. “Backgammon Blitz is designed specifically to teach the basics and encourage online competition with friends and family.”

Backgammon Blitz, from leading independent developer VooFoo Studios, is designed specifically for two players whether online or offline on the same screen. It also boasts a solo mode to help new players develop basic skills. An Instant Play button links available players, while Steam Invites allow players to organize games amongst friends.

In the last 20 years, Backgammon has become a truly competitive tournament game, played in major events across the globe. The game is enjoyed by all ages and famous fans include Tobey Maguire, Morgan Freeman, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones and Vladimir Putin.

If you already have Steam installed, just check your library during the Easter Weekend to install or play Backgammon Blitz.

If you don’t have Steam, you can download it via: