ELEX Releases Clash of Queens, a New Mobile Game Designed for Female Players

ELEX, the creator of the popular mobile game “Clash of Kings”, has released a new game named “Clash of Queens”, aimed more at female players.

According to new research, 52% of gamers are women, and women spend significantly more time and money on their favorite mobile games than men, mobile gaming is estimated at over USD30 billion.

It’s well known that most Real Time Strategy Games focus on male players. The reason is that compared with male players, female players are more likely to just farm in a peaceful place, train lots of troops and be a famous and beautiful farmer. Therefore most developers are more willing to develop a game in which male characters are intrepid and female characters dress revealingly; complex operations and supreme status are also featured to attract male players.

In Clash of Queens, female players play an important and different role, which is evident in the design of its icon; a noble queen with red hair. Based on a magic world in the middle ages, Clash of Queens boasts spectacular and magnificent game scenes, exhilarating and mysterious music, and an exquisite user interface more geared towards female tastes.

What’s more, female players have a unique symbol and more prominent positions in game. Their chat box is pink and bright, while that of male players is light brown, and there will be more colorful castle skins in the near future according to the studio.

Female players are also the spiritual leaders in Alliances and all female players can get beautiful roses sent by others and be voted as Queen, the ruler of the Kingdom.

Except for the auditory and visual experience, numerous game systems also give female players a simple but interesting way to enjoy the game. For instance, the friend system; players can ask their teachers directly for help, discuss problems or express daily feelings in the post. Another is the citizen system, where players can construct buildings and all kinds of resource points at the same time.

Players can gain huge rewards from the cute goblins and elves inside the castle and get free gold by defeating the monsters by clicking on them. When attacking enemies or being attacked, the rallying function allows female players to ask allies for help. The studio is working on more features mainly depending on female players as reported by the company.

Clash of Queens was launched worldwide in January 2016, and is currently available on Google Play.