Special game systems in Fallensouls: Fire War

“Fallensouls: Fire War” is a semi-real-time turn-based multiplayer online role-playing strategy mobile game masterpiece. There are three races waiting for you to join, along with nine career you choose. There are always with you and mercenary expedition only your own castle. Here you can challenge crystal war, BOSS war, revenge minions to challenge the strongest fighting force can participate in siege warfare, arena, Dawn forbidden, become the strongest lords so what? Take up arms and called on mercenaries, to rise and fight!

You can summon many mercenaries. Humans, elves, orcs, the world’s best is that you can summon the dragon! ! Each mercenary has its own unique skills. Each mercenary has its advantages. A reasonable match to invincible!

[Team Dungeon]
FS can be a off-line game, but also online RPG game. You can play the game alone single dungeon, and can also team up with his teammates, clear team dungeon. Team dungeon rewards more lucrative Oh! What are you waiting, called on partners together to get the enjoyment of it!

Want something different? Want to go on the cusp of fashion, not afraid of other’s critics? FS to meet you. Several different styles of clothing, corresponding to different festivals. Each dress has bonuses of varying degrees. So you not only beautiful, but also strong! !

[World BOSS]
Do not forget FS has the ultimate big BOSS. Players in one server not only compete against each other, but also to make concerted efforts together against the world BOSS invasion. As long as participation will get rich rewards! Kill BOSS players will get the title of a glittering Dragonborn!

Here you are the strongest lord! What are you waiting for? Take up arms and called on mercenaries, to rise and fight!