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FallenSouls: Fire War Hits the Top Rate Games Chart of Windows Phone Store

Recently, a game named FallenSouls:Fire War has shown up in the U.S., Canada and Vietnam windows store. This Fantasy RPG game is published by MIRACLEGAMES LTD.

The “FallenSouls: Fire War” mainly landed in North America, Canada, the United States and Southeast Asia, Vietnam market. North America is the second largest market of windows phone and this game landed on the US market Popular Top Rated standings 19, the Canadian market Popular Top Rated list second. With the most Chinese windows phone users, market- Southeast Asia , the Vietnamese market debut, the position will be crowned Top 20 in scoring standings. As of press time, “FallenSouls: Fire War” did not diminish the performance, showing continued upward trend.

Join Fallen Souls and fight for one of the Three Factions of Isolace, incarnate a Mighty Human, a Dark Undead or a beasty Orc to fight against evil forces amassing their armies.

Participate in the Auction house and find the right equipment for your character. You can sell and buy many item find in the game allowing players to trade between them!

Unite with thousands of players in a great massively multiplayer RPG game by creating your own Guild, competing against others, building your own castles and destroy others.

Take part in huge world boss battles.
What will be your destiny?

Choose between a Brutal Warrior, an agile bowman or an epic Wizard, customize your hero with legendary equipment, enchant those and hire mercenaries to help you during your quest.

Play it your way by defeating scary monsters using Action Strategy Combat. Explore diverse world maps to find secret and legendary loots.Fallen Souls is a deep game with many feature to discover but also rich graphics, multiple gameplay system, an awesome Auction House and a whole of other different content more pleasant than the last one.