Gummy Lab – Match 3 on the App Store and Google Play (Video)

WaBam Games Releases “Gummy Lab – Match 3” on the App Store and Google Play, and adds some new twists to the traditional match game.

They are cute, squishy, and completely unstable.
WARNING! Don’t Let their cuteness fool you! With countless ways to combine gummies for crazy explosions, you will quickly learn why these jelly like creatures must be kept contained.

Gummy Lab has two distinct level types that make it truly unique. The traditional Match 3 drop mechanic, as well as an exciting new mechanic where gummies move in any direction along paths, creating new challenges trying to predict your next move.

Like a mad scientist, only through experimentation can you figure out the best gummy combinations for each situation. Drop Super Gummies onto standard gummies for quick clears, or drop Super Gummies onto Power Gummies and unleash their hidden powers.

Gummies looking a bit drab for your taste? No Problem! Open the Swag menu to customize your gummies, and make your experience unique to your own personal style.

Game Features:
● Experience two distinct types of levels. Standard levels where gummies drop in from the top of the tank, as well as levels where gummies move along paths.
● Combine power gummies with super gummies to unleash their hidden powers.
● Have fun dressing up your gummies in crazy ways in the “SWAG” menu.
● Play level after challenging level with new mechanics introduced in every laboratory you reach.