A Fresh Adventure: Gummy World Available Now

Trilby Games is very excited to announce a fresh, new puzzle adventure game for iOS. Gummy World is a free game available in the Apple App Store.

Gummy World is a puzzle game where you journey with Lewis the Adventurer as he travels to new worlds and collects elusive Gummies. Solve the puzzles by connecting the same Gummies horizontally and vertically to collect and remove them. Connecting many Gummies in the same move creates Power Ups that blast away things in its path. In each world you will encounter new Gummies, items, Chameleons and other dangers.

“We just wanted to make a great game,” says Peter Hsieh, co-founder of Trilby Games. “We have relentlessly pursued that goal over the past two years. There were countless prototypes, iterations and long nights, but we’ve finally made something that we’re proud of.” “Another goal was to make a game that we would enjoy playing ourselves, and Gummy World is just that,” says Josh Li, co-founder of Trilby Games. “Don’t let its cute look deceive you. Although it can be very fun and relaxing, it definitely gets challenging. This is not another Match 3 game. Try it for yourself!”

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