IGG to Release New Mobile Game: Clash of Mafias

Global game developer IGG (I Got Games) announced today the upcoming release of their newest mobile title named Clash of Mafias, a real-time strategy available soon for Android devices. The game is slated for release by the end of November, 2014.

Set in a dystopian modern-day city, Clash of Mafias places players in the seat of a burgeoning crime lord, set to restore the family name as one to be both feared and respected. The game strategy will focus on building defenses, making different combinations of Bosses and henchmen to serve as muscle, and making money to pave the way to ruling an entire city.

Game Overview:

Crime rules the streets! Petty theft, moonshine, grand theft auto, extortion, violence… these are all par for course in the crime central of the world! As a punk on the streets, you have to do whatever it takes to realize your ambitions! From gangbanger to Godfather, this city is yours for the taking – You are the law!

Clash of Mafias will feature:

· Territory Expansion: Expand your Base and fight to gain more Turf. The world is your oyster, so crack it open!
· Brains and Brawn: Use traps and techs to win battles. With the right strategy, you can crush your enemies without lifting a finger.
· Make your gang stronger: Hire powerful bosses to ensure that your rise to criminal infamy!
· Best of the best: Slug it out in the Pits and show the world what your gang is made of!
· Hi-Def Graphics: Intricately designed cities and streets will have you feeling like you’re right in the middle of a gangster flick!
· Show no mercy: Unleash powerful skills on the battlefield, create your own tactics, and find the strategy that suits you best!

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