Cubicle Cat Superstar

“Cubicle Cat Superstar” -a Japanese flashpop style hardcore game- is now available on App Store and Google Play, for free.

You are a fat, blue, Japanese salarycat, working all night in your sweaty, depressing cubicle. However, that sad relief of drowning yourself in cheap beer in a lonely karaoke booth at 4:00 AM is ever further away, as there are millions of donuts and other unhealthy distractions preventing you from getting your work done.

In this ultra fast paced, multi button reaction game, you utilize your willpower fueled laser eyes to shoot down mass assault donuts, lumbering giant cupcakes and viciously fast chocolate chip cookies by tapping fire buttons according to the direction of attack – and when within range.

Each level is driven by a countdown and exponentially increasing attack waves. Your goal is pure survival. Should any donut ever reach your cubicle, you are obliged to eat it and thus; game over.

In-between levels you may invest your score points in buffs that let you increase laser range, health, vision range (camera zoom) and more.

– 50 levels of ever increasing length and enemy quantity.
– 3 types of enemy.
– Upgrades and buffs in-game shop (no real money involved).
– Save game functionality.
– Online leader board.
– Japanese pop style art. (seizure inducing flashing colors included)
– Features music by Kevin MacLeod.
– Made with Unity 3D.
– no inapp purchases! 🙂

About the developer:
Made in 2 months by 1 guy who works as a motion graphics designer in Oslo, Norway, after seeing what determined, Japanese salarymen are capable of, when they play insanely fast mobile games on the Tokyo metro.

Trailer – once more (launch and gameplay):




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