Cycling Stars – new free cycling game!

Following the success of “Tour de France – the official mobile game”, Playsoft Games is announcing a release of “Cycling Stars – Tour de France”, a new unique collectible card game on iOS and Android platforms addressed not only to Grande Boucle fans. The game is free which makes it the most accessible among all games under the official TDF brand.

With over 100 riders, 4 prestigious races and 35 stages, “Cycling Stars – Tour de France” offers to its players a real immersion in the atmosphere of professional cycling. The aim of the game is to collect the best riders cards and elaborate the tactics by making the most of their strengths in different cycling races. The player has to know very well each card to make the wise choices which can help him become the strongest rider and win the race. As he progresses throughout the races, the player can increase his collection of cards and strengthen his team of cyclists to defeat the opponents and win the Tour.

Cycling Stars – Tour de France:
· Enjoy amazing 3D graphics with beautiful cards to collect, share and upgrade
· Discover 12 skills that reflect the personality of the riders, and spice up the races
· Optimize your deck to make the most from your riders skills
· Evolve and train your cards to enhance your favorite riders
· Discover new random cards after each game
· Travel around the world and participate in the most famous Grand Tours
· Use your team’s strongest stats to adapt to the situation and win
· Share the game with your cycling friends and receive gifts
· Team up with other players to boost your progress.

Cycling Stars – live the excitement of an action game, with the strategy and engagement of a card game.

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