Last Days of Spring – Do you remember your last week of high school?

Do you remember the feeling of equal parts excitement and melancholy, as you knew your high school student days were coming to an end?

How about the nostalgia that ran through your body, as you knew you’d be saying goodbye to a place that had so many memories for you?

Last Days of Spring is a YA (Young Adult) Otome Visual Novel following a group of high school seniors in their last week of school as they come to terms with questions about love, life and destiny. Follow in the steps of Yuka Kishimoto as she navigates across her last precious days as a high school student and sees her life come to a complete change!

Trailer video on the link below

With a wistful and flowing narrative mixed with soothing music and a tasteful art-style this Visual Novel will bring you to a time when everything and nothing mattered. A time when you felt there was so much to explore but also so much to miss. Immerse yourself in this touching and sweet tale and decide how you would re-live your “Last Days of Spring”.

This Visual Novel can best be described as mixing the enchanting and light aesthetic of works like “Whisper of the Heart” and “Cardcaptor Sakura” with the contemporary Young Adult-focused narrative of authors like John Green.

Available on iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac. Visit the link below for more

Game Features:

– Japanese setting with Native English vernacular and vocabulary.

– Deep and immersive story with charming and realistic characters.

– High quality original and unique artwork.

– Original Pop and Ambient Soundtrack.

– Five different endings.

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