Storm the Train on Google Play

Games Faction’s smash-hit iOS side-scroller, Storm the Train, has arrived on Google Play.

Storm the Train is a full-on, guns-blazing, free-to-play side-scroller against unending hordes of zombies, robots, ninjas and relentless boss battles. It’s easy to pick up with great controls and a clear objective – defeat the agents of darkness with extreme prejudice!

· 12 playable characters to unlock, each with their own mix of weapons, gadgets and abilities. Equip any two agents in the Barracks and switch between them with a swipe of the screen in the heat of battle.
· Boss battles, hostage rescues, jetpacks, survivals, and the cylindrical-death-weapon!
· Eagle-7 checkpoint train allows upgrading, healing and equipping of agents during a game.
· Booster system for extra firepower, shields, coin/gem multipliers and magnets.
· Challenge mode with daily rewards and special offers on new agents.
· Complete missions for extra rewards.

“We’ve had amazing reviews and feedback for Storm the Train on iOS and we can’t wait to release it to a whole new audience”, says Malcolm Reed, the Creative Director at Games Faction. “We also wanted to push the game with the Android launch and keep it feeling fresh, which we think we’ve achieved. We’ve lots of ideas for new content and we look forward to hearing suggestions from our Android players”


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