Ship Ahoy! Maritime Kingdom sails onto Google Play

Leading free-to-play mobile and social game developer, Game Insight, today announced the release of Maritime Kingdom, its latest city-building strategy game for Android mobiles and tablets. Set in a fantastical Renaissance-style world, Maritime Kingdom’s players must take to the high seas and build their empire through exploration, diplomacy, trading resources and defeating a host of enemies including marauding pirates and enemy ships.

Maritime Kingdom’s story starts when the old king is taken hostage and the Crown Jewels mysteriously disappear. Princess Beatrice, the King’s only daughter, remains free and hidden away in a new city. In a bid to rescue the King and locate the jewels, players must help the princess to build the fledgling city into a mighty empire whilst creating a maritime fleet and sailing the seven seas to undertake missions that will eventually help free the imprisoned monarch.

Maritime Kingdom’s complex game world will satisfy even the most ardent of strategy fans with hundreds of missions, a colourful cast of foes and allies, deep strategic gameplay, a complex trading economy and rewarding combat that opens up a wealth of gameplay possibilities.

MARITIME KINGDOM is available as a free download with in-app purchases on the Google Play store

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