Defend the Highlands World Tour – Full version on PC

KISS Publishing Ltd. and Kilted Camel announced that their mad Scottish strategy game ‘Defend the Highlands: World Tour’ has left Steam Early Access and is now available as a full release for PC (Linux, Mac, Windows).

Defend the Highlands: World Tour is the latest in a long line of titles KISS has guided through Early Access to a full release. The game combines the genres of Tower Defense, Real Time Strategy and a whole lot of comedic stereotypes. Players build defenses, recruit Scotsmen and manage their porridge stockpile in a mission to liberate global Scottish communities, one haggis factory at a time.

In a world of growing xenophobia, Scotsmen living abroad fear for their right to practice their culture. Already, reports are emerging of foreign governments and vigilantes shutting down the haggis factories that were once the lifeblood of local Scottish communities. One Scotsman has the power to stand up to the world, his name is Alfredo. Command him and his kinsmen in the fight against 24 zany enemies, from gun-toting Rednecks to Kangaroo Riding Aussie Sheilas in bikinis.

In Defend the Highlands: World Tour, players must take control of Alfredo’s band of Scotsmen and fight the global subjugators through a 24 level story mode, or stage your ultimate battle in skirmish mode. Make use of traditional Scottish technology such as the Kilt-Lift-O-Matic, which provides a strong updraft for Scotsmen to descend from the Bagpipe Airship using their kilts as parachutes. Build 12 types of towers, from the traditional Scottish Porridge Cannon, to the foreign French Fondue Hose and Capture and hold oat fields to produce porridge to feed your army.

Defend the Highlands: World Tour is available now available via Steam