“Defense: Evolution” out today for iOS and Android.

Singaporean indie studio Adsumsoft (http://adsumsoft.co.nr) has just released “Defense: Evolution” for Android and iOS devices.


Part tower defense, part RTS and part mathematical puzzle, “Defense:
Evolution” is a minimalist game of territorial expansion and control that will engage players thanks to its simple yet deep strategical gameplay and high replayability factor. Players’ task is to wisely place a limited number of red units/cells anywhere in the play-field with the purpose of protecting the “beacon” (green cells) by an upcoming invasion (blue cells). Each cell population evolves and interacts with others according to Conway’s “Game of Life” set of mathematical rules, originating an unexpected yet rigorous action in every play.


This game comes from our desire of experimenting with simple gameplay rules but able to product unexpected results. Conway’s Game of Life is a perfect match and has fascinated mathematicians for more than 40 years. Why not try to turn it into an actual game?

•High replayability: unpredictable outcomes, yet driven by a mathematically rigorous rule-set, make each new game different and unique.
•Sharpen your pattern recognition and strategic skills.
•Requires both careful planning and quick decision making.
•Engaging soundscapes to complement the strategic action.
•Makes the original Conway’s Game of Life if not more accessible, at least more exciting!

Gameplay video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_el1WHnK8I

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