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The Demon Hunter: A tribute to a forgotten classic

Oniric Factor launches their first release on mobile devices. It is an old school flavoured, funny adventure game. Consider this game as our tribute to a 1986 classic, which was ignored in the West.

The Demon Hunter is not a remake. It is a demanding and fast adventure for todays’ players. We have implemented our own set of game mechanics, such as riddles and collectathons, but within a fast paced arcade. This mix suits perfectly for portable devices.

Back in the awesome 80s, the now discontinued Valis the Fantasm Soldier saga landed in our beloved microcomputers, thanks to Japanese developer Telenet. A terrific platform arcade game, it also had some adventure parts, with our female main character making her way through long stages with thrilling boss fights.

Some of the Oniric staff members played these oldies-but-goldies for hours, even in front of a monochrome, green screen. These hardcore gaming experiences are part of our hearts, and they reflect on what we do as game developers.

When we started developing The Demon Hunter for mobile devices, we wanted to make the most of the support and the distinctive features of these devices to create a straightforward, funny and focused on user experience game. We took the seed of Valis to start designing our own product.

Our demon huntress will have to run through her colourful hometown, searching for the powerstones which will break a terrible curse. And she will have to do that with no shoes.

Once and every time we get a powerstone, a riddle will give us clues about the location of the next one. However, hordes of demons will try to stop us again and again.

You can get the game free on Google Play and Amazon to enjoy it in any Android device.