DeNA Launches Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary for Android Devices

DeNA is excited to announce the release of Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, a vibrant and colorful rainforest simulation experience, for Android devices worldwide.

Following Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary’s release on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch earlier this year, the free-to-play mobile game now offers Android players the opportunity to care for and evolve their own rainforests while raising and collecting more than 100 types of beautiful butterflies created from real world butterfly species.

It’s Flutter’s genuine connection to the natural world that has made it stand out on Apple’s App Store as one of the top grossing games in the “Education” category. The game’s Director Tim Nixon says this is one of the defining achievements of the product: “We’re thrilled that players have embraced the factual nature of the game, and that it has brought friends and family together through a shared love of nature without feeling too heavy handed.”

New Game Updates

Flutter has expanded significantly since it’s initial release, with dozens of new species and features now available for all platforms including:

· A beautiful “Flutterpedia” to catalogue your discoveries and learn more about the forest
· The Kingfisher bird that sends butterflies on important missions to protect the rainforest
· Facebook and Game Center integration to gift your friends surprise bonuses
· Special abilities for butterflies – from boosts for the environment to pretty trails and dazzling auras
· Even more characters like a helpful pollinating Bumble Bee, swindling Bargain Beetle, and hungry Frog who’ll swap tasty fly treats for valuable flowers
· Regular game events with limited butterfly sets

A new trailer is available for you to watch and embed on your site via this link:

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