Destiny Child, ‘Catherine: Full Body’ crossover announced

SHIFT UP announced on October 17th that its mobile game, Destiny Child Global, will be collaborating with ‘Catherine: Full Body,’ a global console game. SHIFT UP has partnered with ATLUS to create various events and crossover content with the main characters for the users.

From Oct. 17th to 31st, the main characters of ‘Catherine: Full Body,’ Girlfriend Katherine, Cheating Catherine, and Rin will newly make their appearance in Destiny Child. The users can acquire the three crossover characters, as well as new a costume, Soul Cartas, and items through Ragna:Break quests and Mission Pass.

• Various rewards, including 5* Girlfriend Katherine, available from Ragna:Break during the crossover period
• Collect event items and exchange them for rewards from Mission Pass
• Dungeons of all types open for one week from Oct. 17th for extra materials and ingredients

In addition, free 10x Child Summon will be available once a day for 7 days starting on Oct. 24th.

More details can be found on the official community of Destiny Child Global. (

About Destiny Child 
Destiny Child is a mobile narrative CCG created by Korea’s top-class illustrators with more than 500 characters that come to life through the technology of Live 2D.

The users become Archfiend Candidates to collect and choose from over 500 characters to form a team and enjoy turn-based combat. Not only will the users feel the strong urge to collect the illustrations and appreciate the flamboyant skill motions, but they will also get to experience strategic battles using Normal, Drive and Slide Skills. Past collaborations include popular global IP’s such as ‘Street Fighter’ and ‘Hatsune Miku.’ Its developer, SHIFT UP has recently opened an online merchandise store, selling diverse goods and expanding the IP value of the game.