DevilishGames launches Shopping Mall Parking for iOS & Android

Shopping Mall Parking has been developed in Unity and it’s a 3d car simulator where you have to park as many cars as you can in the given time. It provides two controlling modes: arrow keys and accelerometer, so you can choose to move your device as a steering wheel.

On the occasion of releasing Shopping Mall Parking for mobile devices (iOS & Android), DevilishGames has launched an energetic campaign which stars the movement “Adopt an Idiot… and show him how to park”.

Have you ever run into an idiot messing around at a parking lot? DevilishGames knows this happens and want to make the world a little better place.

In the web you will be able to check the manifesto. It contains statements so true and so outrageous as “If you intend to park a car, do not take up the space of a fucking trailer truck” or “If you angle park, do leave enough space in order to let the rest of us get in and out of our cars —not everybody likes to get out by the trunk, asshole!”.

Moreover, you can get some goodies such as the official t-shirt of the movement “Adopt an Idiot”, fake parking fine notifications and, of course, you will be able to play Shopping Mall Parking Mobile to prove you’re not an idiot 🙂

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The Movement – Adopt an Idiot:
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