DINO EGGS: REBIRTH Retro Puzzle/Platformer coming to Steam on June 9th (Video)

Independent developer David H. Schroeder releases pixelized Dino Eggs: Rebirth for a new generation of home computer gaming. The game, created by David H. Schroeder and Eric Ferrot, features the return of Time Master Tim in a new adventure with his daughter Tam (Tamara) traveling back in time to save the dinosaurs from extinction. Tim and Tam must navigate the perils of different eras and avoid being crushed by Dino Mom to carry dino eggs back through the time portal.

Dino Eggs: Rebirth will be available on PC/Mac/Linux and harkens back to the original game released in 1983 on the Apple II and Commodore C-64. This year – 2016 – marks the third-of-a-century anniversary of the original “Dino Eggs.”

Key Features:
l Forty new skill levels of wide-screen arcade action.
l Four new time eras – Outlands – Swamplands – Stone Age – Ice Age.
l Local Multiplayer for up to eight. Play to outscore each other, or play to outlive each other!
l Five new species of baby dinosaurs to hunt and capture. They fly! They sleep! They flee you! They charge you!
l New types of eggs, boulders, power flowers and fires. Can you discover how to earn an extra life?
l Over 25 chapters of a surprise-filled story “Secrets of the Time Quartz.”
l Over 30 puzzling Dino Dilemmas, plus bonus dilemmas that unlock after completing the story.
l Two graphic skins, one by original author David Schroeder, and one by Jamo Games pixel artist James Biddulph.
l An enhanced re-creation of the 1983 Dino Eggs: Classic.
l Support for English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, and Dutch.
l And – as always – an infinite number of random prehistoric landscapes to explore.

David H. Schroeder said: “Revisiting “Dino Eggs” has been deeply rewarding. We took the fabric of the original 33-year-old game -– embracing all of its strengths, weaknesses, and silliness -– and stretched it as far as we could without breaking it. It’s been a marvelous labor of love.”

“Your games were incredible and important to the industry.”
– Facebook post by John Romero (Doom, Wolfenstein 3D)

Fans of the original “Dino Eggs” will be amazed at how multiplayer opens up the game experience, allowing players to knock each other off the screen with boulders, or steal the Time Warps away from each other at critical moments. Co-Op gameplay allows a second player to join any of the forty skill levels of the “Dino Eggs: Rebirth” arcade game, at any time – even after the game has begun.

A wide variety of competitive modes invite up to eight players to chase either the highest score (with infinite lives) or see who will be the last man standing.

Local multiplayer modes include options to make Time Warps or Power gains scarce or plentiful, and allowing players to steal captured Baby Dinos from each other.

This new release will support Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud Saves, and Steam Leaderboards for all high scores, stars, and achievements.