Djee Games releases Planet Lander

Djee Games, a Montreal based indie game studio, releases its new game Planet Lander, a 2D space game where the player needs to safely land on a small platform, carefully controlling his speed, a chosen space module using only its thrusters and the planet’s gravity while avoiding tunnel walls and peculiar hazards. Planet Lander is now free to download and play on iOS and Android handheld devices.

“As a long-time gamer, I’m thrilled to revisit a classic game genre that I have enjoyed so much in the past.” said Marc Bourbonnais, owner of Djee Games. “This is a tribute to the countless hours I have spent playing great games on my venerable Commodore-64.”

60 levels on 3 planets are available, with 3 goals to complete for each level: land safely, catch the floating gem and beat the time goal. 5 space modules can be acquired, each with their own strengths. Planet Lander is available worldwide in over 10 languages.

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