DogEatDog – available now on iOS and Android (Video)

In a DogEatDog world, there can only be one!

DogEatDog is a strategic puzzle game of dog domination. Solve puzzles by eating your way to the top of the pet food chain, until there is only one dog left.

A variety of pets with different abilities keeps the challenge progressing, and environmental puzzle mechanics will have you shooting pets out of cannons, throwing them in volcanoes, sucking them out of air locks, and other cruel demises!

The game includes hundreds of hand crafted puzzles that require careful planning to get both the position and timing of the pets right. The rules are simple but the solutions can be complex.

Levels are spread over a diversity of historical, fantasy and sci-fi episodes, each with themed voxel artwork, music, puzzle mechanics and collectable ‘Dogzilla’ characters.

•Huge amount of content. 280 levels with 20 different types of pets and other puzzle mechanics keeps the game evolving. Play testers took over 20 hours to complete the game. 160 levels are offered for free, and a single in-app purchase unlocks the additional 120 premium levels.
•Rewarding puzzle gameplay. There is no luck involved. Solve the puzzles by planning moves ahead and understanding the interaction between the different pets and hazards. Some puzzles have more than one unique solution, but to earn the gold medal, you must complete them in as few moves as possible. Earning medals allows you to unlock Dogzilla characters that can be summoned to wreak havoc!
•Rich in theme and visual style. 14 episodes spread across exotic locations, ranging from pirate islands to alien spaceships, all with pet themed twists. The unique art style, 2D using pre-rendered 3D voxel models, gives great quality graphics, while ensuring performance even on lower end hardware. The game also includes a full soundtrack with different music for every episode.
•Social integration promotes ‘friendly’ competition. Integration with Facebook and Twitter allows you to show off your achievements, follow your friends progress, and send them a Pug Bud – a freakish but adorable two headed pug!